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City of Superlatives

The trading hub of Dubai

Dubai is a city of superlatives with its outstanding buildings, the world’s highest restaurant and the largest shopping mall. Gaining approval to organise the EXPO 2020 World Fair has only served to stimulate the economy even further. Rhenus opened a business site in the desert metropolis last year.

Rhenus established a national company in the United Arab Emirates on
1 May 2016 and founded its first business site at Dubai Logistics City.
The first business location in Dubai is strategically situated between Al
Maktoum International Airport and the Jebel Ali Seaport. Rhenus Logistics
Gulf not only serves all the United Arab Emirates, but also Doha in Qatar.

“Dubai is an extraordinarily dynamic city,” says Moerowan Al-Chaabi, a native of Berlin and the Business Process & Quality Manager of Rhenus Logistics Gulf, with a sense of enthusiasm. The Dubai Marina Project has now been completed at a site where there was once nothing but desert. “This includes 200 skyscrapers, beach areas, residential sections and an excellent local public transport system,” Al-Chaabi explains.

“Dubai with its 2.46 million residents is a diverse melting pot of different cultures and religions and is also very family-friendly. The city is also an important logistics hub and acts as a trading point between Africa, India and Europe. “Rhenus has strongly expanded its business relations in the region during the past few years so that investments in a national company and our own business site were the logical step,” Al-Chaabi says.

Moerowan Al-Chaabi
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
residents2,.6 million
Burj Khalifa828 metres tall

Eating and drinking  

The Aroos Damascus prepares delicious Syrian and
Lebanese specialists in the Deira part of the city.
Do you fancy sushi? Then make sure you visit the
Novikov Russian/Japanese fusion restaurant.

Tip: People only eat and drink before sunrise and
after sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan.
There are many large festive meals during the evening
when people break their fast, particularly during
the last few days of the fasting period.

 Arabisches Essen

Growing sustainably
“We handle many shipments to the United Arab Emirates – particularly those heading to Dubai – and to Qatar. However, because of the high concentration of logistics companies, the competition in Dubai is enormous. We believe that there’s still plenty more potential for us with our customs expertise, particularly for trade with the Gulf States.”

Logistics experts are not experiencing any shortage of specialist workers either at the moment because of the many immigrants and the economic situation. 90 percent of the residents are immigrant workers. Al-Chaabi himself was selected for the Group’s Dubai team after several periods of work experience in Asia and a traineeship at Rhenus in 2015.


Those who cannot cope with the huge
Dubai Mall will find attractive alternatives
at the less crowded Mall of the Emirates
or the small Marina and Ibn Battuta malls.

Tip: Local, fresh, organic – that is the credo
for the popular “ripe market” culture. The
markets with hand-made products and
organic food can be found every week at
various squares in the city


Dubai is aiming high
The city is aiming still higher, in addition to the superlatives already achieved. It plans to become the smartest city with the best public services by 2021. The newly constructed Al Maktoum International Airport is set to become the world’s largest. Although Dubai is already home to the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa – there are already plans for the next soaring building to be known as "The Tower".

The Burj Khalifa, which is 828 metres tall and includes recycled steel from the former Palace of the Republic in East Berlin, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. People can enjoy unforgettable sunsets from its viewing platform and an impressive light show has been added recently. Those who do not spend their evening on the Burj are advised to visit the largest fountains in front of – who could expect anything different – the world’s biggest shopping mall. The 1,200 shops in the Dubai Mall attract more than 80 million visitors every year, more than twice as many as New York’s Time Square. The daily show consisting of water, light and music can be admired free of charge from 6 p.m. onwards.

Most important city economically
Al-Chaabi also recommends a visit to the very old parts of the city known as Bur Dubai and Deira as well as the old port. This enables people to discover the region with its traditional boats known as dhows. “In historical terms, this was the local birthplace of logistics,” says Al-Chaabi. The Dubai Creek separates the two parts of the city from each other. The creek was once the city centre and its most important port because of its central location. The Dubai Canal was opened just recently and it offers new opportunities for shipping and connects the old parts of the city with the sea.

The car city of Dubai has also invested a great deal of money in its local public transport network during the last few years. Two metro lines reach all the important parts of the city and they are due to be extended south to the new airport by the time the EXPO 2020 opens. Al-Chaabi is also expecting positive effects for Rhenus from the planned investments triggered by the World Fair. The new city project, Dubai South, is very close to the EXPO site and is set to become the new logistics hub on the outskirts of Dubai City.

“Dubai and Abu Dhabi are currently working on a feasibility study for a high-speed train, the Hyperloop, which would link the cities that are 150 kilometres apart with a journey time of just twelve minutes,” Al-Chaabi adds.

Night life  

Dubai is impressive as a result of its
top-class beach clubs on endless beach
promenades. Celebrations start as early
as the afternoon, for example, at the Zero
Gravity or Barastic in the Dubai Marina.

Tip: Every Tuesday is “Ladies Night”. There
are reductions in prices, free entry or free
drinks for ladies at many locations.



"This was the local birthplace of logistics in Dubai"

Worth seeing  

A stroll through one of the lively souks, the
traditional Arab markets, is sure to provide
a unique atmosphere. You will find many
treasures here, including gold, fabrics or

Tip: As is normal at Arab markets,
bargaining is definitely what is expected



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