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Upping the pace

Rhenus consolidates network of business sites in Asia

Growth in Asia at Rhenus needs to be viewed from two different angles: firstly, the company is expanding its involvement on the continent for the benefit of its customers; secondly, the logistics specialist offers its employees opportunities to advance their careers in this region.

Rhenus has committed itself to continual growth in its business and is particularly pursuing this goal in Asia with great vigour. This pathway, which is geared towards growth and a high network density, offers opportunities for promotion to employees who are working on this continent too. “It’s important for us to give them responsibility for their specific business and offer development opportunities within the whole corporate group,” says Tobias Bartz, a Rhenus Board Member.

Map Japan


Business Sites8  seven of them Sankyo
Warehouse1  Tokyo Bay 69,400 square metres


Map China


Business Sites12Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin,
Ningbo, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen,
Chengdu, Suzhou und Wuxi
Warehouse111,600 Square Metres

Rhenus operates in 16 countries in Asia
Customers can enjoy the support of Rhenus employees locally for logistics tasks in more than a dozen different countries on the Asian continent. Alongside the People’s Republic of China, the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the logistics specialist also has business operations in India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

In order to guarantee the local expertise at the Rhenus business sites, the logistics specialist relies on a high proportion of local employees at its branches. “Logistics skills for sea and air freight business and road services and managing warehouses are important for each colleague, in our view. They also need an understanding of Rhenus’ international orientation and the sector in question. International trade includes coping with the different facets of the cultures involved in this process in a sensitive manner, both towards customers and colleagues“, Tobias Bartz continues. “We also carry on instructing our colleagues using training courses for management tasks, for example, in the form of active management support.”



Map Singapore


Business Sites2 
Warehouse15,000 square metres
Probably from April 2017

Entry into national markets
The fact that Rhenus had a large number of positions to fill on the Asian continent and will also require qualified employees in future is partly the result of organic growth in existing business, but also from the expansion in business sites. “We have to be present in the individual markets in this part of the world, which is enjoying dynamic growth, for our customers – and we want to be there too. We want to gradually, but rapidly introduce our allround range of services for handling, transport and warehousing, which are well-known in Europe, in Asia too, all over the continent,” Tobias Bartz remarks.

Portrait Tobias Bartz

"We have to be present in the individual markets in this part of the world, which is enjoying dynamic growth, for our customers - and we want to be there too."

Tobias Bartz, Member of the board

South Korea and Japan new countries in the portfolio
As a result, Rhenus established national companies in three more countries last year: the branch in the United Arab Emirates and Rhenus offices in South Korea and Japan were integrated into the network of business sites.

Rhenus has been working in a joint venture based in Tokyo through its partnership with the Sankyo Corporation in the “land of the rising sun” since June 2016. Shortly after opening its first office in Seoul in South Korea at the end of 2016, the second one followed in Busan at the beginning of 2017.

There are also plans to open new branches this year in Vietnam and the Philippines, where Rhenus has already managed to gain a foothold in the market. The road transport network in southeast Asia is being expanded too.

Map  Thailand


Business Sites4Central Bangkok, BKK Airport, Laem Chabang and Khon Kaen
Warehouses527,900 square metres
more Logistics People
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