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Rhenus in brief

1. Next stop: Rhevo
A prominent visitor arrived at Rhenus headquarters in Holzwickede in August 2017 – the North Rhine-Westphalian Economics Minister, Prof. Dr Andreas Pinkwart. He came to discover more about the projects that attracted awards in the Rhevo innovation competition. Four teams of employees presented an automatic reporting system, which is designed to predict customer behaviour, and a neutral web-based broker platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, among other things; the latter can be used to book logistics services.

Nächster Halt: Rhevo

2. A new logistics centre in the Baltic region
A celebration was held to mark the opening of the new Rhenus Svoris logistics centre in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, in October. The new terminal covers an area measuring more than 12,000 square metres and office space accounts for another 2,000 square metres. The Eastern European organisation within the Rhenus Group offers domestic and international transport and warehouse services for Europe, Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Neues Logistikzentrum im Baltikum

3. Customer-integrated solutions in Rome
Rhenus Logistics Italy opened a logistics warehouse measuring 22,000 square metres near Rome in the same month. The centre will not only serve the capital, but particularly provide transport services to the B2C and B2B markets in the south of the country. The new logistics centre is located on the Riano Logistics Park; it can also be expanded in future and has excellent transport links. The centre has 20 gates with hydraulic ramps and 12,500 pallet spaces.

Kundenintegrierte Lösungen in Rom

4. Clever containers
The Rhenus Group is supporting the development of an innovative prototype for an intelligent container management system. Working with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), the logistics specialist wants to test the use of NarrowBand Internet of Things technology (NB-IoT). Sensors can be connected to a cloud to log the filling levels in an energy-saving way via the low-energy network. Customers not only have complete transparency later, but also save time and costs – and protect the environment.

Clevere Behälter

5. Generation change at Mierka Donauhafen Krems
Following the departure of Hubert Mierka from Mierka Beteiligungs GmbH, Rhenus took over the remaining 49 percent of the shares in the company in February 2018. Rhenus Board Member Michael Viefers is complementing the management team alongside Patrick Schäffer and Cornelia Urach.

Generationswechsel am Mierka Donauhafen Krems

6. Rhenus Home Delivery deploys fully electric trucks
The Rhenus Group is one of four customers that has been operating three environmentally-friendly electric vehicles from Daimler since the beginning of the year. Rhenus Home Delivery uses the FUSO-eCanter trucks to supply final customers in the city centre in Berlin. This enables Rhenus Home Delivery to save 137 tonnes of direct CO2 emissions over a period of two years in comparison with conventional trucks.

Rhenus Home Delivery hat vollelektrische Lkw im Einsatz

7. Sustainable logistics centres in the Netherlands
Rhenus Contract Logistics launched the power plant with the highest production capacity for solar power on a single roof in the Netherlands in Eindhoven during November 2017. The solar power modules can generate almost 4,000,000 kilowatt hours of power every year. The ground-breaking ceremony for another distribution centre in Tilburg followed almost one month later. The company is hoping to move into the fully electric logistics centre at the end of 2018.

Nachhaltige Logistikzentren in den Niederlanden

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Editorial 01/18

by Klemens Rethmann

Each company, whether it has existed for a long time or is a start-up, needs to tackle the following fundamental questions at least once: “What distinguishes us, who are we and what do we represent?”
Lead story 01/18

The Five Rhenus Values

Rhenus focuses on intrinsic economic value The Rhenus Group’s annual management meeting in January 2017 proved to be particularly valuable, because it marked the starting point for developing the Rhenus values. The five essential values of the Rhenus Group were worked out and written down at a workshop that involved a large number of employees from very different units, countries or hierarchy and age structures. The values are: customer-focused solutions, employee orientation, entrepreneurship, integrity and continuity.
Interview 01/18

Rhevo Rekindles the Spirit of Innovation

Bright colours, multi-coloured stickers and plenty of speculation. The company-wide employee initiative known as Rhevo was launched in January 2017 with guerrilla marketing. This resulted in more than 170 ideas being submitted from 28 different countries. The most promising teams battled their way through several rounds. The took their cue from the start-up world. Astrid Unverricht spoke to the Rhenus organiser, Henning Wagner, and the jury members, Tobias Bartz and Petra Finke.
In greater detail 01/18

From Cars to Offshore

It was a genuine dream project for Cuxhaven – and now berth 4 is finally available. It perfectly complements the capacity at the Cuxport terminal at the Europakai with its 290 metres of quay wall, 8.5 hectares of handling and storage space and its four heavy-duty blocks. Gwendolyn Dünner spoke about the major project to Holger Banik, Managing Director of Niedersachsen Ports, and Michael Reese, Joint Managing Director at Cuxport.
Report 01/18

Black Gold from the Sea

The Dutch Rhenus subsidiary Copex is well-known for its many years of expertise in the business of transporting live animals. However, it has also been handling the transport, storage and customs clearance for a genuinely luxury product for its customer Crusta since April: live lobsters. They are caught off the Canadian peninsula of Nova Scotia and are transported to Amsterdam by air freight.
Sector 01/18

When the Future Becomes an Everyday Reality - My Colleague the Robot

Gathering data for a search engine in a short time or initiating maintenance work on a date that was set earlier: this is very easy nowadays using so-called bots, automated computer scripts. Robot solutions are increasingly making their way into the digital working world. They have been used at Rhenus Office Systems, one of the Rhenus Group companies, since last year.
City 01/18

From “Cottonopolis” to a Showcase City

Manchester, one of the largest cities in Great Britain, was the birthplace of the industrial revolution, an important centre for the working-class movement and the target of a terror attack that inflicted severe damage on the city centre; Manchester has endured some turbulent times. However, Mancunians, as the city’s inhabitants are known, have never allowed themselves to be deterred by setbacks. The city is now not only the most important business centre in the north-west of England, but is also fiercely proud of its heritage and its two Premier League clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. The city also boasts a hugely successful music scene and has given birth to well-known bands like Take That, Oasis and Simply Red. Today more than 2.7 million inhabitants live in the catchment area.
The Rhenus World 01/18

after 38 Years of Senior Management Responsibility:

Having reached the age limit, Reinhard Lohmann has retired from the supervisory boards of the RETHMANN group and its divisional companies, REMONDIS, Rhenus and SARIA.
The Rhenus World 01/18

Norbert Rethmann

The Polish employers’ association presented awards to twelve persons and institutions for their outstanding service and major contributions to the Polish economy at this year’s ceremony on 13 January 2018. One of the prize-winners was Norbert Rethmann, a Member and the Honorary Chairman of the RETHMANN Group’s Supervisory Board.
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Rhenus in brief 01/20

Rhenus Short News

Rhenus took over the PSL Group, a specialist in international road transport, in August. As a result, seven new business sites have now been added to the Rhenus network in Great Britain. The PSL Group has its headquarters in Maldon in the county of Essex. SkanTrans PSL, which provides logistics services in Scandinavia, also belongs to the company.
Rhenus in brief 02/19

Rhenus Short News

Berth 4, which covers an area measuring 8.5 hectares, was officially opened at the Cuxport Multi-Purpose Terminal in September 2018. The berth, which has 290 metres of quay wall and is capable of handling heavy-cargo items, offers space for vessels with a maximum draught of 14.30 metres. The area is suitable for handling rolling cargo, containers as well as heavy-duty items like offshore segments.
Rhenus in brief 01/19

Rhenus Short News

Berth 4, which covers an area measuring 8.5 hectares, was officially opened at the Cuxport Multi-Purpose Terminal in September 2018. The berth, which has 290 metres of quay wall and is capable of handling heavy-cargo items, offers space for vessels with a maximum draught of 14.30 metres. The area is suitable for handling rolling cargo, containers as well as heavy-duty items like offshore segments.
Rhenus in brief 02/18

Rhenus Short News

Our Rhenus branch in Milan extended its cooperation arrangement with German logistics companies, Bursped and Köster & Hapke in January 2018. Since then, the new services have operated twice weekly,
Rhenus in brief 02/17

Rhenus Short News

“Provide evidence of your creativity and entrepreneurship” – that was the invitation issued to all Rhenus employees during the spring to take part in the Rhevo innovation project. 260 workers from 28 different countries did not need to be told twice and developed ingenious ideas and solutions in order to enable the Rhenus world to move forward with the help of digital technologies. The best projects presented to a jury in July are now set to be implemented. The project was also introduced at the first digital summit organised by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
Rhenus in brief 01/17

Rhenus Short News

Maxx Intermodal Systems is now called Rhenus Intermodal Systems. The companies belonging to Maxx have been gradually renamed, a process that started at the beginning of 2017. The background to this is the strong growth of the Rhenus Group in countries where Maxx has operated with its own brand name in the past. The change of name aims to highlight even more clearly the shared identity and network integration of the container specialist within the Rhenus Group.
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