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Rhenus in brief

1. Rhenus connects Milan and Northern Germany
Our Rhenus branch in Milan extended its cooperation arrangement with German logistics companies, Bursped and Köster & Hapke in January 2018. Since then, the new services have operated twice weekly, complementing the existing 4 times weekly roadfreight groupage service between Milan and Hamburg.

2. Greater customer care
Rhenus Media Services took over the service provision company “:people!” in a bid to complement its range of services for other markets in the energy, IT and automobile industry sectors. “:people!” has already been operating as a partner with a customer care centre for these sectors for 20 years and offers personnel and other services like customer and call centre support.

3. Cooperation in ship management
Rhenus Maritime Services launched a close cooperation arrangement with Wessels Reederei (shipping company) to cover the technical management of its fleet in the spring. After Rhenus had already handed over all the administrative tasks to the long-standing Wessels Reederei company at the end of 2017, the latter is now providing technical support for the 15 coastal vessels. Rhenus selected Wessels Reederei because of its innovative developments in drive systems supported by wind.

Donau harbour

4. KOG becomes Rhenus Project Logistics and taps into new markets
The Swiss project logistics specialist, KOG Worldwide, which has been part of the Rhenus Group since 2015, has been operating under the Rhenus Project Logistics brand for itself and its subsidiaries since April. The company also opened a new branch in Chicago in the spring so that it can extend the firm’s project logistics network in the USA. Rhenus Project Logistics launched a new groupage freight service for temperature-controlled goods in August; it connects customers in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries with their target markets in and around Dubai by sea.

5. Rhenus Home Delivery launches business operations in Spain
Rhenus Home Delivery commenced operations on the Iberian Peninsula in May by opening three new branches in Madrid, Valladolid and Bilbao. They provide more than 12,000 square metres of business space together. The expansion is in response to demand from the Spanish market for a global services provider with a strong international network for the growing e-commerce sector.

6. New service to Saint-Nazaire
RoRo vessels operated by the LD Seaplane shipping company have been regularly calling at Cuxhaven too on the route between the French town of Saint-Nazaire and the port of Hamburg since May. The Cuxport terminal is initially handling new trucks from France heading for the German market. It is also possible to ship rolling project cargo on the special vessels.

7. Rhenus Poland and ERKA pool their capacities
Rhenus Logistics in Poland and ERKA Internationale Spedition (freight forwarding company) launched a cooperation arrangement for daily international groupage freight transport services between Southern Germany and Poland in March 2018. Before being transported, the non-perishable goods, including furniture, industrial goods or chemicals, are brought together at the Rhenus warehouse site in Wrocław and the ERKA business site near Stuttgart; partner firms provide the “last mile” services to final customers.

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Editorial 02/18

by Dr. Stephan Peters

Creating value added for customers means discovering what they need before they recognise it themselves. We therefore provide value added through our communications too by distributing information beyond the normal channels. This includes social networks. Our QR codes give you some idea of this.
Lead story 02/18

Well integrated

A sales service provider for brands based in Bad Pyrmont was expanding and required additional storage space. It was planning to construct a new logistics centre. When Johannes Rohde, a member of the management team at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, heard about this in the autumn of 2016, he and his colleagues started to develop an alternative concept: an integrated solution, which provides the DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb company with tangible benefits. The preparation work, intensive research and discussions lasted for months until everything had been completed but the dedicated work paid off.
Interview 02/18

Wood is a complex business

We are surrounded by wood on a daily basis, whether this comes in the form of furniture, floors or houses. The many products, which are made of sawmill residue, are less obvious wood chips that are processed into laminate or paper, sawdust to make wood pellets for generating energy or waste wood that is used to manufacture chipboard panels. Rhenus Forest Logistics specialises in providing the logistics and commercial operations for precisely these by-products from the timber processing industry. Astrid Unverricht spoke to its Managing Director, Heiner Höfkes.
Trends & Markets 02/18

EU and CHN draw closer together

China’s mega project, the New Silk Road including the sea route and land bridge, is designed to enhance international trade between Asia and Europe in the long term by providing more efficient infrastructure. Using its closely linked network along the Silk Road, Rhenus Air & Ocean has also specialised in these markets; this has taken place as a result of decades of experience and the development of its services in conjunction with its colleagues at Rhenus Intermodal Systems and Rhenus Road. Rhenus has particularly developed the relevant products for the new transport corridors along the land bridge and they combine the skills available at the different Rhenus business units, as Peter Cramm, Product Manager Landbridge Europe at Rhenus Air & Ocean N.V., and Carol Kong, Product Manager Landbridge Greater China at Rhenus Logistics China Ltd, explain.
Report 02/18

Transportation with a “Divine Mission"

The Hamburg office of Rhenus Air & Ocean successfully completed a very unusual project recently: the four-metre tall statute of Krishna reached its destination at the site of the Hindu temple in Hamm undamaged and on time after its long journey from southern India – thanks to the tireless efforts of all those involved in the project.
Sector 02/18

Let's get digital

The approach that the Rhenus Group is pursuing in many of its business units is to have one provider for all services. Digitalisation is one of the most efficient levers for this in document management. A team has been specially established in this field to pave the way for the digital future at Rhenus Office Systems.
New@Rhenus 02/18

Obtaining the correct shade

Anthracite grey, fire red, moss green: the selection of paints, varnishes and glazes, which Rhenus Warehousing Solutions mixes and shades on behalf of its customer Ewald Dörken AG, varies every day. No wonder, for there are more than 16 million different shades of colour in the world. The Dörken Group has already developed 1,600 paint formulations. The logistics is complex, sensitive and requires flexible adjustments to the manufacturer’s production procedures.
City 02/18

Melbourne down under

Melbourne started life as a small colony and developed as a result of the gold rush boom to become the second-largest city in Oceania. It is now one of the “most liveable cities” in the world, as many rankings confirm. And that is not all: Melbourne has been regarded as a pioneer in the transport sector for a long time too. The southern port city is also famous for its literary and artistic history.