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People vs Machines

Individuals are the major focus at Rhenus :people! – even in an age of digital change New Perspectives

Digitalisation is opening up many new opportunities for companies. However, one focus remains: customer relationship management. Gwendolyn Dünner talked to Olaf Remmele, Managing Director of Rhenus BPO Services, about the potential that the customer contact specialist, Rhenus :people!, recognises and uses in order to develop its business in a digital age.

Mr Remmele, what triggered the development of Rhenus services in customer relationship management?
A package of customer services and accounts receivable accounting exclusively for publishing houses has formed one part of our basic business since 2005. We wanted to expand this to include other sectors and skills. We now not only register orders, but handle key processes like customer contract management, the elimination of technical faults as well as wealth-creating processes like sales, cross-selling and upselling.

How exactly did you achieve this?
This took place partly through acquiring companies like KundenProfi in 2016 and :people! in 2018 – and then continuing to develop them. We’ve been able to more than quadruple our customer base and the number of our employees within a period of two years, for example. We’re now serving the energy, automobile, IT and telecommunications sectors, retail and publishing houses, associations and manufacturing industry and are now one of the TOP 20 in this provider sector.

Customer services – can’t Siri, Alexa, Cortana and co. cope with that too?
Not necessarily! It’s true that automatic systems are already handling more and more simple processes like recording information, renewing a contract or ordering a new mobile phone. However, customer management – whether this involves attracting new clients, coping with errors, handling escalating disputes or sales work – involves complex tasks, powers of deduction, social skills and sensitivity. A machine cannot offer all this so easily.

So, digitalisation provides a real opportunity for you?
That’s correct. It enables us to position ourselves better in the market place with new and innovative services. After all, even digital solutions require support, whether for the customer or the product. One of our clients, for example, provides extremely modern, smart home products. They too need a sales, installation and support process. We’re currently faster and more flexible than our rivals; we support our customers actively by developing new digital solutions with the relevant processes and successfully positioning them in the market

What other potential will you focus on in future?
We see potential in the changes to our customers’ requirements in the digitalisation process. We’re in a good position to expand our business organically in Germany. At the same time, it’s important to gain a foothold in other countries. Our model has proved successful here in Germany; we’re now looking at international markets.

Rhenus BPO Services has been part of the Office Systems business unit since August 2018. It is involved with managing physical & digital documents and information as well as individual processes: they range from incoming mail to digitalisation, archiving, data destruction and making available personnel and even include customer management, cloud and BPO solutions.

What Rhenus BPO Services offers:

  • Customer management with customer contact experts
  • IT management: Rhenus Cloud with data centre services for Microsoft Dynamics/e-commerce solutions
  • Logistics

An entrepreneurial spirit at Rhenus BPO Services:
“Personal customer support at a high level will never die out. However, having the courage to move from what is familiar to what is unknown in this way and tapping into completely new markets, as Rhenus BPO is doing, is proof of a real entrepreneurial spirit.”  Jens Kumbrink, Managing Director of Rhenus Office Systems.

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Editorial 01/19

by Klemens Rethmann

If you want to be successful, act with a sense of entre- preneurship and assume some responsibility.
Rhenus in brief 01/19

Rhenus Short News

Berth 4, which covers an area measuring 8.5 hectares, was officially opened at the Cuxport Multi-Purpose Terminal in September 2018. The berth, which has 290 metres of quay wall and is capable of handling heavy-cargo items, offers space for vessels with a maximum draught of 14.30 metres. The area is suitable for handling rolling cargo, containers as well as heavy-duty items like offshore segments.
Lead story 01/19

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Successful companies are often characterised by their “spirit”. This is demonstrated in many different ways, such as a high degree of innovative capacity and the ability to make rapid decisions, a readiness to take responsibility for its own actions or even taking calculable risks – and, not least, by being able to accept mistakes so that it can learn from them for the future.
Trends & Markets 01/19

Desert Convoy through Tunisia

Is it possible to transport heavy items through a desert by truck? It is hard to imagine, but it was not a problem for the experts at Rhenus Project Logistics. The project team in Duisburg completed a transport project involving ten countries and three continents between June 2016 and the end of 2018 – with a final spurt through the Tunisian desert. Overall, Rhenus Project Logistics transported about 450 truckloads in 80 convoys for its customer GIE Streicher Bouchamaoui; they were linked to the construction of a processing plant for natural gas in the Nawara oil and gas field, which is situated in the Ghademes Basin in the extreme south of Tunisia.
In greater detail 01/19

Back to the Future

What do you do if you have good products, but the market is still not fully aware of what they provide? Rhenus Road Freight worked for more than a year to develop a new, integrated concept for its Rhenus Classic, Rhenus Fix and Rhenus Premium break bulk cargo products. After all, quality is not the only critical factor – customers need to know about the products, accept them and trust in their benefits. Tobias Volz, Head of Product & Network Management at Rhenus Road Freight Europe, and Lola Bonet, Sales Manager at Rhenus Road Freight Europe, discussed these matters with Astrid Unverricht.
Report 01/19

Ready, Heavy, Go!

Cuxport’s new berth went into service even before its opening ceremony Even before berth no. 4 at the Cuxport terminal was officially inaugurated in September, the heavy-duty surface, which covers an area measuring 8.5 hectares, was the setting for a major offshore project from the summer of 2018 onwards. Cuxport served as the installation port for 31 foundation structures for Deutsche Bucht, the offshore wind farm operated by the Canadian energy producer Northland Power.
Sector 01/19

Strong Löwen (lions)

There are about a quarter of a million gaming machines in Germany. The sector faced a huge challenge last year: an amended legal stipulation made it necessary to replace or modify all the automatic machines that had been installed in Germany by a set deadline. This was a mammoth task, which the LÖWEN Group, Germany’s leading manufacturer and operator of one-armed bandits, and Rhenus High Tech, operating through its Rhenus Midi Data company, managed to successfully handle by cooperating closely.
New@Rhenus 01/19

Mobile weightlifters

They tower above the port terminals and are setting new standards in terms of mobility and load capacity. Two mobile harbour cranes have been making it easier for Weserport (Bremen Industrial Ports) to handle goods and for Rhenus Midgard to do the same at the urban port of Nordenham for several months. The GHMK 6507 and the LHM 600 models have replaced gantry slewing cranes that were previously in use at the terminals.
City 01/19

Vibrant São Paulo

São Paulo has been one of the largest business centres in South America since the beginning of the 20th century. The industrialisation of coffee farming and exports turned the city in the state with the same name into Brazil’s largest industrial centre. São Paulo is now – similar to New York – the city of financial services, lawyers’ practices, consultancy firms and, naturally, fashion: the world’s fifth-largest fashion week is held here every year.