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Visions on the river oder

Szczecin has repeatedly learned to reinvent itself. The port city in western Poland is planning to implement its latest visions of environmental-friendliness and modernity by 2050. The metropolitan region is mainly attracting online mail order companies at the moment. Rhenus recognised the increasing demand for warehouse centres for the e-commerce sector many years ago and opened a modern warehouse in Goleniów in 2012.

Anybody who drives to Szczecin from Berlin on the A 11 motorway can see Amazon’s logistics centre from a great distance. The Internet mail order company opened a fulfilment warehouse four kilometres from the German border in the autumn of 2017. A logistics warehouse for Zalando, which was built at almost the same time, is just 13 minutes away by car. Rhenus, however, has been operating a large e-commerce warehouse to the north of the Polish city since 2012. Rhenus already recognised the potential offered by this sector in the region several years ago.

“It was just a question of time when other companies would follow suit,” says Marek Kunert, who has been the Branch Manager of the Rhenus business site in Goleniów in the Szczecin region since 2016. “The airport at Goleniów, the port of Szczecin, the road network and the proximity to the German, Danish and Swedish borders are all outstanding local factors,” he says, fully aware of the situation.

E-Commerce Logistics

E-commerce logistics for online retailers
The third-largest distribution centre that Rhenus operates in Poland is located on the Goleniów industrial park. “We’re responsible for the incoming goods, the warehousing activities as well as picking and packing the customer shipments for the customer,” Kunert explains. Our customer, the leading, family-oriented, e-commerce provider in Europe, is the preferred purchase partner for 1.2 million families. The company was able to grow by 20 percent during the past financial year.

Rhenus has expanded its capacity at Goleniów several times so that it now uses almost 37,000 square metres of space. The warehouse provides spaces for clothing, shoes and accessories and has an automatic conveying system as well as a packing zone. E-commerce logistics for the fashion industry is absolutely unique, because seasonal factors and high numbers of returns require rapid availability and a high level of flexibility. This is a challenge that Kunert enjoys tackling.

It does not take long to drive to Szczecin from Goleniów by car. “The city has many sights, varied natural features and magnificent architecture. However, I particularly recommend that each visitor should discover the city’s remarkable history,” says the 39-year-old, full of enthusiasm.

E-Commerce Logistics

Spirit of optimism
Szczecin was the import and export port for Berlin at the beginning of the 20th century. The local Vulcan shipyard manufactured the largest ships in the world. You can discover at the “Dialogue Centre Upheavals” Museum, which is located right next to the impressive new Philharmonic Hall, how it was possible that only four percent of the people living in the city after the Second World War were Poles. Those who now stroll through the city with its 400,000 inhabitants sense the spirit of optimism. “Szczecin may have developed later than other major cities in Poland, but it’s been all the more successful during the last few years,” says Kunert, expressing his view.

The green city has a bustling and lively appearance. Rivers, canals and lakes account for one quarter of the urban area. As many as one million visitors will wander around the city when the Tall Ships Races are held at Szczecin once again in 2021; they come to admire the most attractive three-masted vessels in the world. The Pyromagic firework spectacle regularly attracts many tourists to the river Oder in August every year.

The best way to take in the city is to capture a bird’s-eye view and climb the bell tower at the city’s castle, take the lift up the Cathedral Basilica of St James or enjoy the breathtaking view from Café 22 over a slice of strawberry cake.

The wide, star-shaped boulevards in the Paris district particularly come into their own when viewed from high up. In contrast to the old city, many Wilhelminian-style and Art Nouveau buildings are still standing in the Paris district.

Stettin 2050
You will not find a real city centre in Szczecin, but a newly constructed, colourful old city district with gabled houses and wrought-iron lanterns makes up for this. It is also worth visiting the city castle, the former place of residence of the Pomeranian dukes, which has been reconstructed in Gothic style; it is now a cultural site.

The number 0 tram line travels to interesting places in the city on Sundays in summer. If you get off at Wojska Polskiego Avenue, you can visit the Kino Pionier cinema. It opened in 1909 and is even mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest cinema.

Chrobry Embankment is one of the best-known landmarks in the city; you can enjoy a wonderful view of the river Oder and the river islands located opposite from there. The ecological project entitled “Szczecin 2050 – Floating Garden” aims to expand some of the islands to form a new city district. Rhenus Port Logistics already has its office there.


Rhenus has two branches in Greater Szczecin/Goleniów: Rhenus Logistics operates an e-commerce warehouse, which measures almost 37,000 square metres, at the Goleniów industrial park, while Rhenus Port Logistics offers port and customs services from the river island of Łasztownia in Szczecin. Both business sites work closely together.

Eating and drinking
The regional dish known as paprykarz szczeciński is a spread consisting of fish, rice and hot peppers. The best place to sample the Szczecin speciality is the Paprykarz Fish Market restaurant on Aleja Papieża Jana Pawła II 42. Tip: A typical Szczecin snack celebrates its 50th birthday this year: paszteciki szczeciński. The deep-fried yeast dough rolls, which you can buy at the main railway station, for example, are filled with meat – or mushrooms, cabbage or cheese, if you prefer the vegetarian variety

Night life
Poland’s most modern Philharmonic Hall, which has won the Mies van der Rohe Award, is located in Szczecin. Tickets for concerts are available for prices starting at EUR 6.00. Tip: Jazz, popcorn and drinks under glass filled with smoke: anybody who goes down the steps of Bar 17 Schodów at Targ Rybny 1 can look forward to a very special selection of cocktails too.

The two large malls, Galeria Kaskada and Galaxy Zentrum right at the heart of the city, encourage people to go shopping. Tip: Gingerbread from Szczecin is a delicious souvenir. Maritime gingerbread motifs like anchors, ships and gulls can be found at the Filipinka bakery at Stanisława Ignacego Witkiewicza 1B.

Worth seeing
Chrobry Embankment, which is 500 metres long and is now known as Wały Chrobrego, towers over the port of Szczecin and you cannot miss it. It is one of the most beautiful panoramic terraces in Europe and is a must for anybody visiting Szczecin. Tip: If you go down the steps at Chrobry Embankment, you can start a tour of the port on board an excursion boat. There is also a ferry link to Świnoujście on the island of Usedom via the Szczecin Lagoon during the summer months.

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Editorial 02/19

The editorial in video form

The world seems to be turning faster every day. Everything is changing and becoming new. We are more than happy to try out new things in our corporate magazine too. You can find the editorial by CEO Klemens Rethmann as a video online for the first time at:
Rhenus in brief 02/19

Rhenus Short News

Berth 4, which covers an area measuring 8.5 hectares, was officially opened at the Cuxport Multi-Purpose Terminal in September 2018. The berth, which has 290 metres of quay wall and is capable of handling heavy-cargo items, offers space for vessels with a maximum draught of 14.30 metres. The area is suitable for handling rolling cargo, containers as well as heavy-duty items like offshore segments.
Lead story 02/19

Combining Traditions And The Future

Continuity is one of the five central corporate values for the Rhenus Group. Logistics flows are changing continually and at an even faster pace. Technical innovations create new underlying conditions and options for solutions. The supreme standard for Rhenus not only involves just keeping pace with change, but pressing ahead and helping shape the process. In doing so, the logistics specialist with global operations maintains an important balance between tradition and future viability.
In greater detail 02/19

Equally Important

Michael Brockhaus and Michael Viefers are two of the most experienced Members of the Management Board in the Rhenus world. One of them is a third-party logistics specialist, the other one an expert in port logistics and trimodal bulk commodity transport operations. In an interview with Astrid Unverricht, they talk about the way that Rhenus is developing, the process of change, an innovative spirit and the significance of sustainability.
Interview 02/19

Fast, Safe and Automatic

Rhenus has been operating a unique customs and logistics terminal in Smolensk on the border between Belarus and Russia since 2013. This is not only the base where the “Green Customs Corridor” pilot project is being developed to provide a simplified customs clearance procedure for Russian imports. A customs clearance centre for the chemical industry is also being built there at the moment. Olaf Metzger, Managing Director of OOO Rhenus Freight Logistics, and Carsten Hölzer, Managing Director of Rhenus Freight Sales, talk about electronic customs declarations and the new solution known as “Customs Control Tower”.
Report 02/19

Future workplaces

The image of people working at the same desk with a PC tower covered in dust and a pen holder has already been out of fashion for a long time. Co-working spaces, desk islands and laptops already form an integral part of modern workplaces. Employers like the Rhenus Group are taking seriously employees’ needs for improved networking with each other and an environment that is adapted to their tasks. This is why a new building with office space was opened at Holzwickede at the beginning of 2019; it has been developed directly to meet just these requirements.
The Rhenus World 02/19

Very close to customers

The leading European logistics fair in Munich is held every two years and is the most important sector event for all who work in the logistics and transport sector. As in previous years, the Rhenus Group was not going to miss the opportunity of attending this mega-event to be there to meet interested parties and customers. The Rhenus Group's core business involves providing professional solutions along the supply chain and keeping customers' requirements firmly in its sights at all times.
Sector 02/19

Even More Enjoyable Holidays

Four Seasons, Hyatt, Waldorf Astoria, Marriott, MGM, Wynn: the list of hotels that Rhenus Project Logistics has been able to serve during the last few years is long and illustrious. It is necessary to handle a great deal when constructing new hotels or renovating existing ones so that guests feel at home afterwards. This is a job for Rhenus Project Logistics.
Trends & Markets 02/19

Deus ex machina

Process automation has long since become one of the well-established megatrends in Logistics 4.0. Artificial intelligence, which is becoming increasingly effective, is changing the working world – whether through autonomous vehicles, independently operating production arms or fork-lift trucks that raise pallets in warehouses by themselves. However, automation also causes concerns for employees who wonder whether they are still needed. Despite this, things are very different at Rhenus: employees are the major focus for the company – and how modern technologies can make their work easier so that logistics services are effective.
New@Rhenus 02/19

Eco-Friendly Transport

There is a great deal of political will, but you will still not actually encounter many electric vehicles on German roads. This is a fact that the vehicle provider, Rhenus Trucking, is aiming to change: the Rhenus subsidiary has been able to gain as its customer the terminal operator, Contargo, which is also focusing on alternative drive systems. Rhenus Trucking purchased six fully electric 40-tonne trucks in the spring. It was a bold decision – no other company in Germany has yet established this kind of e-truck fleet.
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Vibrant São Paulo

São Paulo has been one of the largest business centres in South America since the beginning of the 20th century. The industrialisation of coffee farming and exports turned the city in the state with the same name into Brazil’s largest industrial centre. São Paulo is now – similar to New York – the city of financial services, lawyers’ practices, consultancy firms and, naturally, fashion: the world’s fifth-largest fashion week is held here every year.
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From “Cottonopolis” to a Showcase City

Manchester, one of the largest cities in Great Britain, was the birthplace of the industrial revolution, an important centre for the working-class movement and the target of a terror attack that inflicted severe damage on the city centre; Manchester has endured some turbulent times. However, Mancunians, as the city’s inhabitants are known, have never allowed themselves to be deterred by setbacks. The city is now not only the most important business centre in the north-west of England, but is also fiercely proud of its heritage and its two Premier League clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. The city also boasts a hugely successful music scene and has given birth to well-known bands like Take That, Oasis and Simply Red. Today more than 2.7 million inhabitants live in the catchment area.
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What do Amsterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen, Brussels, Prague, Dublin and Vilnius all have in common? They were all the European Capital of Culture at some stage. When Vilnius was allowed to share the title with Linz in 2009, the Baroque city with its impressive architecture was still unknown to many Europeans.
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City of Superlatives

Dubai is a city of superlatives with its outstanding buildings, the world’s highest restaurant and the largest shopping mall. Gaining approval to organise the EXPO 2020 World Fair has only served to stimulate the economy even further. Rhenus opened a business site in the desert metropolis last year.
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