Rhenus in brief 02/19

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Rhenus in brief

1. Projects handled for offshore wind parks
Both the port logistics specialist, Cuxport, and the project logistics expert, Rhenus Offshore Logistics, have been able to complete important projects for offshore wind parks. The Cuxport Terminal served as the handling base for the “Deutsche Bucht” wind park to supply offshore platforms with port and container logistics, as well as provide customs clearance and disposal services. Rhenus Offshore Logistics won the tender procedure for the supply logistics for the BorWin gamma transformer platform. Among other things, this includes coordinating all the logistics activities, storing items, loading and unloading vessels as well as securing loads. 

Offshore windpark

2. Rhenus operates warehouse for Lidl online shop
Following a test phase lasting several months, Rhenus has been the partner for the Lidl online shop in Poland since April. Warehouse space measuring 40,000 square metres is available for this in Błonie near Warsaw. The Lidl online shop products like clothing, home accessories and domestic appliances are stored there, customer orders and returns are processed and goods are handed over to courier services.

Innovations in third-party logistics

3. Innovations in third-party logistics
Containers have been automatically stacked at the Dutch distribution centre in Tilburg since the spring. 19 robots operating within an aluminium grid measuring 1,000 square metres ensure that this takes place. The AutoStore system from Swisslog is closely dovetailed with Rhenus IT operations. Hamburg is also enjoying some innovations. Working in conjunction with the French start-up, E-Dentic, Rhenus has developed a solution that makes the charging procedure safer and more transparent using Bluetooth devices combined with video cameras.

Innovations in third-party logistics

4. New logistics facility on the New Silk Road
Rhenus welcomed many guests from the worlds of politics and business when it opened a new logistics facility in Voronezh in May. The business site in southern Central Russia is located along the New Silk Road corridor and is designed to particularly support customers operating in the agricultural sector. The warehouse, which measures 20,000 square metres, also has a refrigerated section for storing items that perish quickly. In addition, there are many opportunities to expand the site.

New logistics facility on the New Silk Road

5. Rhenus Air & Ocean expands its global network
The air and sea freight division at Rhenus has expanded its global presence by making several acquisitions. Rhenus Air & Ocean took over the Canadian freight forwarder, Rodair, and the South African logistics provider, World Net Logistics, in the spring of 2019. This was followed by the purchase of the American logistics specialist, Freight Logistics, a short while later. The latter also has good network contacts in South America.

Rhenus Air & Ocean expands its global network

6. The Public Transport business area is transferred to Transdev
The RETHMANN Group has acquired 30 percent of the shares in Transdev, a provider of integrated mobility solutions. Operating alongside the second shareholder, Caisse des Dépôts, the aim is to create innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. To achieve this, the RETHMANN Group has integrated the activities of the local public transport provider, Rhenus Veniro, within the partnership. Rhenus is now concentrating on its three other business areas – Freight Logistics, Contract Logistics and Port Logistics.

The Public Transport business area is transferred to Transdev

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Editorial 02/19

The editorial in video form

The world seems to be turning faster every day. Everything is changing and becoming new. We are more than happy to try out new things in our corporate magazine too. You can find the editorial by CEO Klemens Rethmann as a video online for the first time at: www.bit.ly/KRethEdEN
Lead story 02/19

Combining Traditions And The Future

Continuity is one of the five central corporate values for the Rhenus Group. Logistics flows are changing continually and at an even faster pace. Technical innovations create new underlying conditions and options for solutions. The supreme standard for Rhenus not only involves just keeping pace with change, but pressing ahead and helping shape the process. In doing so, the logistics specialist with global operations maintains an important balance between tradition and future viability.
In greater detail 02/19

Equally Important

Michael Brockhaus and Michael Viefers are two of the most experienced Members of the Management Board in the Rhenus world. One of them is a third-party logistics specialist, the other one an expert in port logistics and trimodal bulk commodity transport operations. In an interview with Astrid Unverricht, they talk about the way that Rhenus is developing, the process of change, an innovative spirit and the significance of sustainability.
Interview 02/19

Fast, Safe and Automatic

Rhenus has been operating a unique customs and logistics terminal in Smolensk on the border between Belarus and Russia since 2013. This is not only the base where the “Green Customs Corridor” pilot project is being developed to provide a simplified customs clearance procedure for Russian imports. A customs clearance centre for the chemical industry is also being built there at the moment. Olaf Metzger, Managing Director of OOO Rhenus Freight Logistics, and Carsten Hölzer, Managing Director of Rhenus Freight Sales, talk about electronic customs declarations and the new solution known as “Customs Control Tower”.
Report 02/19

Future workplaces

The image of people working at the same desk with a PC tower covered in dust and a pen holder has already been out of fashion for a long time. Co-working spaces, desk islands and laptops already form an integral part of modern workplaces. Employers like the Rhenus Group are taking seriously employees’ needs for improved networking with each other and an environment that is adapted to their tasks. This is why a new building with office space was opened at Holzwickede at the beginning of 2019; it has been developed directly to meet just these requirements.
The Rhenus World 02/19

Very close to customers

The leading European logistics fair in Munich is held every two years and is the most important sector event for all who work in the logistics and transport sector. As in previous years, the Rhenus Group was not going to miss the opportunity of attending this mega-event to be there to meet interested parties and customers. The Rhenus Group's core business involves providing professional solutions along the supply chain and keeping customers' requirements firmly in its sights at all times.
City 02/19

Szczecin reloaded

Szczecin has repeatedly learned to reinvent itself. The port city in western Poland is planning to implement its latest visions of environmental-friendliness and modernity by 2050. The metropolitan region is mainly attracting online mail order companies at the moment. Rhenus recognised the increasing demand for warehouse centres for the e-commerce sector many years ago and opened a modern warehouse in Goleniów in 2012.
Sector 02/19

Even More Enjoyable Holidays

Four Seasons, Hyatt, Waldorf Astoria, Marriott, MGM, Wynn: the list of hotels that Rhenus Project Logistics has been able to serve during the last few years is long and illustrious. It is necessary to handle a great deal when constructing new hotels or renovating existing ones so that guests feel at home afterwards. This is a job for Rhenus Project Logistics.
Trends & Markets 02/19

Deus ex machina

Process automation has long since become one of the well-established megatrends in Logistics 4.0. Artificial intelligence, which is becoming increasingly effective, is changing the working world – whether through autonomous vehicles, independently operating production arms or fork-lift trucks that raise pallets in warehouses by themselves. However, automation also causes concerns for employees who wonder whether they are still needed. Despite this, things are very different at Rhenus: employees are the major focus for the company – and how modern technologies can make their work easier so that logistics services are effective.
New@Rhenus 02/19

Eco-Friendly Transport

There is a great deal of political will, but you will still not actually encounter many electric vehicles on German roads. This is a fact that the vehicle provider, Rhenus Trucking, is aiming to change: the Rhenus subsidiary has been able to gain as its customer the terminal operator, Contargo, which is also focusing on alternative drive systems. Rhenus Trucking purchased six fully electric 40-tonne trucks in the spring. It was a bold decision – no other company in Germany has yet established this kind of e-truck fleet.
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Rhenus in brief 01/20

Rhenus Short News

Rhenus took over the PSL Group, a specialist in international road transport, in August. As a result, seven new business sites have now been added to the Rhenus network in Great Britain. The PSL Group has its headquarters in Maldon in the county of Essex. SkanTrans PSL, which provides logistics services in Scandinavia, also belongs to the company.
Rhenus in brief 01/19

Rhenus Short News

Berth 4, which covers an area measuring 8.5 hectares, was officially opened at the Cuxport Multi-Purpose Terminal in September 2018. The berth, which has 290 metres of quay wall and is capable of handling heavy-cargo items, offers space for vessels with a maximum draught of 14.30 metres. The area is suitable for handling rolling cargo, containers as well as heavy-duty items like offshore segments.
Rhenus in brief 02/18

Rhenus Short News

Our Rhenus branch in Milan extended its cooperation arrangement with German logistics companies, Bursped and Köster & Hapke in January 2018. Since then, the new services have operated twice weekly,
Rhenus in brief 01/18

Rhenus Short News

A prominent visitor arrived at Rhenus headquarters in Holzwickede in August 2017 – the North Rhine-Westphalian Economics Minister, Prof. Dr Andreas Pinkwart. He came to discover more about the projects that attracted awards in the Rhevo innovation competition. Four teams of employees presented an automatic reporting system, which is designed to predict customer behaviour, and a neutral web-based broker platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, among other things; the latter can be used to book logistics services.
Rhenus in brief 02/17

Rhenus Short News

“Provide evidence of your creativity and entrepreneurship” – that was the invitation issued to all Rhenus employees during the spring to take part in the Rhevo innovation project. 260 workers from 28 different countries did not need to be told twice and developed ingenious ideas and solutions in order to enable the Rhenus world to move forward with the help of digital technologies. The best projects presented to a jury in July are now set to be implemented. The project was also introduced at the first digital summit organised by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
Rhenus in brief 01/17

Rhenus Short News

Maxx Intermodal Systems is now called Rhenus Intermodal Systems. The companies belonging to Maxx have been gradually renamed, a process that started at the beginning of 2017. The background to this is the strong growth of the Rhenus Group in countries where Maxx has operated with its own brand name in the past. The change of name aims to highlight even more clearly the shared identity and network integration of the container specialist within the Rhenus Group.
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