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Well dressed

Logistics for fashion designers

“You are what you wear”: the world of fashion is constantly reinventing itself. Many stars and celebrities set new trends or introduce new cuts and collections. Exclusivity, quality and sustainability are the key elements nowadays and they are a priority at the long-standing German company, HUGO BOSS, too. The employees at Rodair support the clothing producer on a daily basis to ensure that the premium manufacturer’s clothes can be presented on the shelves of stores in Canada during the right season.


The world of “prêt-à-porter” has developed from the traditional four seasons in the year into fast-paced seasonal trends, fashion styles and exclusivity. Because of this, the leading fashion houses recognise the importance of speed in the market place in order to take their demanding and volatile customers by storm and surprise them again and again. As the market has developed, luxury brands have constantly demanded more and more from their supply chains and logistics specialists.

When Rodair was founded in 1996, the company founder and CEO, Jeff Cullen, recognised what was needed for luxury brands and established fashion logistics operations in Canada to match the changes in the supply chain requirements. Rodair developed a complete supply chain solution from the production site to the store, with the support of its pioneer customer, HUGO BOSS. Everything starts with coordinating the international transport operations for the collection items that arrive in Toronto by air or sea freight, as well as handling the customs clearance.

Top-quality premium collections
HUGO BOSS, which has its headquarters in Metzingen
in Germany, is one of the world’s leading premiumsegment
companies in the clothing market. The
women’s and men’s collections from BOSS and HUGO
are sold in more than 127 countries. The company
employs about 14,700 people around the world.


Active across borders

“Customs is an issue in its own right in Canada; that’s why we have our own licenced and qualified customs team with direct electronic links to the Canadian customs service,” Cullen reports. “We ensure that we comply with all the import regulations and also achieve the greatest possible relief for HUGO BOSS in terms of customs duty and taxes.” Import permits are prescribed for some textile goods and clothing and it is necessary to apply for them early so that they are available for the customs office when the goods are imported. This is another element in the range of services that Rodair offers.

The fashion logistics specialist has also set up a Canadian bonded warehouse for all high-quality HUGO BOSS consignments to protect them from loss or damage and make the processes more efficient until the Canadian customs service provides clearance for them. Following this, the international import consignments are transported to Rodair’s fashion warehouse.

Vertical logistics solutions

The Canadian logistics specialist, Rodair, offers solutions with a major focus on the fashion and retail sectors as well as the automobile and mining industries. Rodair has been part of the Rhenus Group since 2019. Its services include international transport operations, project logistics, courier, warehouse and distribution logistics as well as customs clearance and 3PL services.

Storing flat and hanging items

Trained Rodair warehouse experts carefully examine the consignments that arrive in the incoming goods section. The items are then entered in the company’s own merchandise management system. The Rodair fashion warehouse was specifically constructed for the Canadian luxury retail sector and is fully equipped to handle both flat and hanging goods. Once the outgoing orders have been processed, packaged and made ready, deliveries are transported to the HUGO BOSS retailers and brand stores all over Canada.

The Rodair couture bag – crease-free throughout Canada

Rodair has also developed an innovative and cost-effective transport packaging solution for domestic consignments, the so-called “couture tote”. This eco-friendly bag is a patented solution and enables the company to combine flat or hanging goods. It can be used to ship goods by air freight, truck or rail.

“This unique, reusable packaging solution is a milestone for the sector,” Jeff Cullen declares. “It offers huge flexibility when combining the packaging for flat and hanging goods and when selecting the various means of transport. Customers select the option that best suits them, depending on what is required, the delivery time and budget.” The couture bags arrive at the HUGO BOSS stores and brand shops with the items that are ready for sale. The collection parts can then be unpacked and directly placed on the sales shelves.

Safely packed in couture bags
Rodair has specially developed this innovative and
cost-effective packaging and handling system for
the fashion sector. The foldable and environmentallyfriendly
couture bags make it possible to handle
clothing items and accessories with care along the
complete supply chain. They can be used to transport
both hanging and flat goods.


Transparent information

Transparency, availability and access to all the supply chain information as well as very close communications with all those involved are essential for the fashion team. “HUGO BOSS is the ideal partner for developing these verticals. Our cooperative approach has helped both brands to be successful,” says Jeff Cullen. “HUGO BOSS always demands the highest levels of service from us,” says Jeff Cullen, summarising the cooperation arrangement that has now lasted 23 years. “We’ve accepted this challenge, have provided high-quality supply chain solutions and will continue to do so for many years to come.”


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Editorial 01/20

by Klemens Rethmann

This is not the first time and it will certainly not be the last time that I write about our major focus on our customers here. It is simply impossible to talk too much about a company’s orientation towards its customers. After all, they are the key element in the success of our daily work and therefore for Rhenus as a whole.
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Rhenus Short News

Rhenus took over the PSL Group, a specialist in international road transport, in August. As a result, seven new business sites have now been added to the Rhenus network in Great Britain. The PSL Group has its headquarters in Maldon in the county of Essex. SkanTrans PSL, which provides logistics services in Scandinavia, also belongs to the company.
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Guided by your customers

There is nothing more valuable for a services provider that its customers. Their satisfaction determines whether the business is a success or failure. While many companies focus on short-term profits, stable and long-term partnerships are the key foundation for the Rhenus Group. To ensure that they prove successful, the logistics specialist is continually gearing its processes, services and products to its customers in a new way, checking them and adjusting them. Customer centricity is not an empty buzz-word for Rhenus, but its practical corporate culture.
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The right drive

The fitness sector is booming, because physical fitness has become an important issue for more and more people. However, fitness nowadays no longer just means training and building up muscles. Sporting activities should be a real experience, which takes up little time and increases people’s quality of life. Martin Richter, the Country Manager at Peloton Deutschland, and Nils Thiesen, Managing Director for Sales and Market Development at Rhenus, want to ensure that the Peloton premium fitness bikes from the USA conquer the German market too.
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A question of chemistry

Merck, the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world, and Rhenus Logistics celebrated almost ten years of cooperation in June 2019. The French Rhenus subsidiary has also been operating a warehouse at the port of Strasbourg exclusively for Merck’s use since last year. Manfred Fischer, Head of Distribution EMEA, LATAM & Global Transport Merck Life Science, and Laurent Schuster, CEO of Rhenus Logistics France, talk about recipes for success, challenges and future prospects.
New@Rhenus 01/20

A clear focus

The digital Internet site is much more than a classic website: an innovative sales and service tool is hidden behind the brand-new Rhenus website and it makes it less complicated, faster and more pleasant for customers to work with the Rhenus Group's employees and partners. Verena Schäfers, Head of Marketing & PR, and Felix Krede, Sales Director International for Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, jointly head the Rhenus Group’s Sales Leadership Team. They talk about the strategic orientation of the website relaunch and other plans that they still have in the interview.
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Bienvenido a Miami

Anybody who has ever watched Dexter, Goldfinger or Miami Vice associates Miami with breathtaking beaches, palm trees and art deco façades on Ocean Drive. However, Miami Beach is only a small part of the city. More than two-thirds of the population of Miami Dade County have Hispanic origins – and this makes itself felt in the city’s appearance and its economic ties.
The Rhenus World 01/20

Elegant and Inexpensive

Good taste does not have to be expensive: the Polish discount store chain, PEPCO, sells fashionable clothing and stylish interior accessories for very little money. The company opened its first five shops in Bulgaria in the spring of 2019 and 15 more are due to follow. PEPCO trades its products across Europe. A slim supply chain is essential for this. Ever since the first PEPCO store opened in the capital Sofia in April 2019, Rhenus Bulgaria has been handling the complete transport and warehouse management operations for the company in the country.
Report 01/20

A reliable partner

RoRo vessels leave the Cuxport Terminal in Cuxhaven heading for the British Isles every day. They transport a variety of different goods, but the cars with the white and blue chequered logo are the ones that people most obviously recognise.
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Deus ex machina

Process automation has long since become one of the well-established megatrends in Logistics 4.0. Artificial intelligence, which is becoming increasingly effective, is changing the working world – whether through autonomous vehicles, independently operating production arms or fork-lift trucks that raise pallets in warehouses by themselves. However, automation also causes concerns for employees who wonder whether they are still needed. Despite this, things are very different at Rhenus: employees are the major focus for the company – and how modern technologies can make their work easier so that logistics services are effective.
Trends & Markets 01/19

Desert Convoy through Tunisia

Is it possible to transport heavy items through a desert by truck? It is hard to imagine, but it was not a problem for the experts at Rhenus Project Logistics. The project team in Duisburg completed a transport project involving ten countries and three continents between June 2016 and the end of 2018 – with a final spurt through the Tunisian desert. Overall, Rhenus Project Logistics transported about 450 truckloads in 80 convoys for its customer GIE Streicher Bouchamaoui; they were linked to the construction of a processing plant for natural gas in the Nawara oil and gas field, which is situated in the Ghademes Basin in the extreme south of Tunisia.
Trends & Markets 02/18

EU and CHN draw closer together

China’s mega project, the New Silk Road including the sea route and land bridge, is designed to enhance international trade between Asia and Europe in the long term by providing more efficient infrastructure. Using its closely linked network along the Silk Road, Rhenus Air & Ocean has also specialised in these markets; this has taken place as a result of decades of experience and the development of its services in conjunction with its colleagues at Rhenus Intermodal Systems and Rhenus Road. Rhenus has particularly developed the relevant products for the new transport corridors along the land bridge and they combine the skills available at the different Rhenus business units, as Peter Cramm, Product Manager Landbridge Europe at Rhenus Air & Ocean N.V., and Carol Kong, Product Manager Landbridge Greater China at Rhenus Logistics China Ltd, explain.
Trends & Markets 02/17

Rhenus creates new connections between global markets

TWO NEW GATEWAYS FOR THE RHENUS AIR & OCEAN NETWORK The Rhenus air and sea freight units have enjoyed considerable growth during the last few years. It is therefore not surprising to hear that the logistics specialist opened two new gateways in Germany for groupage freight at the same time in 2017. The sea freight gateway is located at the Hilden business site near Düsseldorf, while the air freight hub is based at “Cargo-City-Süd” at the international airport in Frankfurt. Goods for import and export are consolidated at both the gateways and new freight services are being developed and expanded.
Trends & Markets 01/17

Upping the pace

Rhenus consolidates network of business sites in Asia. Growth in Asia at Rhenus needs to be viewed from two different angles: firstly, the company is expanding its involvement on the continent for the benefit of its customers; secondly, the logistics specialist offers its employees opportunities to advance their careers in this region.
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